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Creating a WiFi Account (eduroam wireless network)


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eduroam is the primary WiFi network for the UC Berkeley campus community. In order to connect to eduroam individuals must create a key, or password, that will be used in place of their normal CalNet passphrase.

What types of accounts are supported on campus WiFi?


Creating your WiFi Account

  1. Navigate to the WiFi Keys section of the Berkeley Portal: 

  2. You may be redirected to the CalNet authentication portal, if so log in using the account you want for wireless access

  3. The WiFi tab of the Berkeley Portal will open for you automatically

    Berkeley Portal Cards Page with WiFi Keys Tab Selected
  4. If you have already created a WiFi password you will see your account listed. If you don't remember the password you can follow the password reset procedure instead of continuing with these instructions

    Berkeley Portal Cards WiFi Keys Tab with No Accounts 
  5. Click Make account to see the account management page

    WiFi Keys Management with No Accounts
  6. Click Create New and you will see your eduroam account and password

    WiFi Keys Management Create Account and Password Page
  7. Save, you can click the Regenerate password button to see different passwords, there is no way to go back to a previous password or to enter your own.

  8. Store the password somewhere safe and click Save Account to save the new account

    WiFi Keys Management Save New Account and Password Page
  9. Your eduroam account has been created. This is the last time you will be able to see your password. Be sure you store your username and password somewhere secure (such as with LastPass Premium, which is free to staff, faculty, and students). 

  10. Once you've saved your password click I have stored my credentials securely to return to the eduroam account management page where you will now see your account listed

    WiFi Keys Management Account List
  11. You are now ready to connect to the eduroam WiFi network!


For instructions on how to connect please choose one of following links:

If you have issues connecting to eduroam or Berkeley-IoT, try rebooting your device and go through these steps again. If this does not resolve connectivity please contact us for help: