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How do I connect to AirBears2 with Linux? (Also applies to Google Chromebooks)


This article is written for Linux using the Ubuntu OS, the same settings are known to work for Google Chromebooks as well.

Please note, these instructions are provided as a courtesy, and CSS IT can only provide limited support for Linux.

The necessary parameters are the same regardless of your Linux flavor.

-Generate an AirBears2 Key at Please see How Do I Generate an AirBears2 Key?

-Open Network Connections. Select Wifi-Fi, Click the Add button to add a Wif-Fi connection.

Parameters should be the following :

Security : WPA & WPA2 Enterprise

Authentication : Protected EAP (PEAP)

Anonymous Identity : (blank)

CA Certificate : (None), check the No CA Certificate is required box.

[Note, certificates are not required in order to connect to the AirBears2 network. However, one can connect more securely by downloading and using the Certificate as noted below]

PEAP version : Automatic

Inner authentication : MSCHAPv2



Click Save.

-In order to connect to the AirBears2 network using the Comodo Add Trust External CA Root certificate, download the certificate from the Comodo website

-Use the same settings as above, making sure the "No CA certificate is required" checkbox is NOT checked, and select the downloaded addtrustexternalcaroot.crt file on your computer.


Additional Troubleshooting:

Several users have reported to CSS-IT that if "Tunneled TLS" is enabled, it can cause problems accepting the CA certificate. If you have this setting enabled, try disabling it.