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How do I connect to AirBears2 on an Android (Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Nexus, etc) device?


This article explains how to connect to AirBears2 on a device running the latest versions of Android OS.


Before you Begin


Step 1: Launch the "Settings" app and navigate to "Connections"

connection settings


If you've tried to connect and failed, you must "Forget network" to clear the stored settings from the failed attempt.

Complete Step 1, Select Wifi then tap and hold AirBears2 and choose "Forget network".


Step 2: Select "WiFi" settings and select AirBears2 from the list of available networks.

select airbears2 from your wifi networks


Step 3: Make the following selections for each field:

EAP Method : PEAP

Phase 2 Authentication : MSCHAPv2

CA Certificate : Do not validate

(For older devices choose: <None>)




Identity : Enter your CalNet ID

Anonymous Identity : <None>

Password : Enter your AirBears2 Key (do not copy and paste, manually type it in)



Step 4: Check the "Advanced Options" box and use the following settings:

IP Settings : DHCP

Proxy : None

Key Management : FT (checked)/not available on all devices, CCKM (un-checked)


Step 5: Select "Connect" and you should successfully connect to the AirBears2 network.


For additional assistance, contact CSS IT at 510-664-9000 and follow the prompts to reach a technician from between 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. A ticket may also be submitted through or by e-mailing