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How do I connect to eduroam on Android OS?


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This article explains how to connect to the UC Berkeley Campus eduroam WiFi network on a device running Android.

Before you Begin

  1. Forget the Berkeley-Visitor networks from your remembered WiFi networks list
    • In the Wi-Fi screen described in step 3 below you can select Saved Networks and then long press on a network and choose "Forget" so the device will no longer use that network.
  2. Create your WiFi Key

Connecting Android to eduroam

Note: Different versions of Android and software supplied by manufacturers (like Samson, Google, and Motorola) may change the look of the screens that follow, but the process is the same.

1. Open the Settings app

This can be done by finding the Settings app in the application list or by pulling your finger down from the top of the screen (you may have to do it twice to fully expand the drop down menu) and then selecting the gear icon

2. Select Network & Internet (some device will list wifi on the first screen and you can skip this step) 

3. Select Wi-Fi

The device may display "Searching for networks" for a few moments before displaying the list of available wireless networks

Android Available Wi-Fi Networks List

4. Select eduroam from the list to connect (depending on your location you may have to scroll through a long list to find eduroam)

Android Wi-Fi Login Prompt

5. You will be prompted to log into the network and should use the following settings

Note: Not all versions of Android will include every item on this list, you may need to select Advanced Options to see them or it may not be necessary to connect.

6. If you have entered the information as listed along with your correct WiFi ID and Key your device should connect to the eduroam network. 

If you have issues connecting to eduroam try rebooting your device and go through these steps again. If this does not resolve connectivity please contact us for help: