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How to Connect to AirBears2 on a Windows 10 Device


How to Connect to AirBears2 on a Windows 10 Device

Before you begin

AirBears2 Auto Setup

 1. Click on the Wifi icon in Task Bar.

2. Verify Wifi is on (shows Available in blue) and select AirBears2 from the list of available networks.

3. Click connect.

4. Enter your Calnet ID in the User name field and your AirBears2 Key in the Password field, click OK.

5. Click connect to accept the certificate and join AirBears2. 

6. The connection may show as limited at first then Connected.

Troubleshooting Tips:

1. Verify the following networks are not set to automatically connect:

2. Turn wifi off and back on.

3. Connect using the Network Settings panel rather than wifi icon in task bar.

4. Go to Network Settings>Manage wifi settings> Manage known networks, select AirBears2 and click Forget. Then try to join AirBears2 again.


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