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What is the CalVisitor Guest Wifi Network?


2.0 - Updated on 2021-07-02 by Sean Schluntz

1.0 - Authored on 2018-05-09 by Noah Bacon

What is CalVisitor?

CalVisitor is a WiFi service intended for visitors to campus. It provides basic internet access to websites and allows users to use VPN services to connect to their home institutions or enterprises. CalVisitor is not intended for use by members of the campus community who have access to eduroam and will not allow access to the bSecure Remote Access System (GlobalProtect). No password or special configuration is required to access the CalVisitor network.

What does CalVisitor Provide?

CalVisitor provides users with access to all websites via http and https (ports 80 and 443) and ssh (port 22).  VPN services that are commonly used to connect to a home institution or enterprise are also permitted, with the exception of the UCB VPN.  Other applications that use http or https (ports 80 or 443) for data traffic will typically also work on CalVisitor.

CalVisitor is unauthenticated and unencrypted.  Any data sent via the CalVisitor WiFi service could be visible to others.

How does a guest access CalVisitor?

Connecting to CalVisitor is simple.  Just select the CalVisitor SSID from the list of available networks, and connect.  No username or password or other settings are required.

Support and Security for CalVisitor

UC Berkeley provides CalVisitor as a convenience to visitors.  No support is offered for devices or users with difficulty accessing the service. Any malicious activities on the network will result in the offending device being permanently banned from the network.  Compromised devices (infected with viruses or other malware) will also be permanently banned.  Bans are automatically implemented and can not be revoked.

Because CalVisitor is a public network it should not be used for any type of sensitive data.  SSL, VPNs and other encryption technologies may be used by client devices to improve confidentiality of data sent via this network.

Known Issues

There is a known issue with Apple devices (iOS, Mac OS) if they try to switch services (i.e. SSIDs) on the University's wireless network.  The network remembers you and the service you were on.  For example, if you were on eduroam and try to shift to CalVisitor, you may receive an "Unable to Join" message.
The workaround is to turn off your device's WiFi service, wait for 10-20 seconds, and then turn it back on and reselect your network preference.  For iOS devices, you may also try to disconnect from your current WiFi network by using your device's "Forget this Network" feature (Settings -> Wi-Fi -> name of the wireless network -> Information icon -> Forget this Network).