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How to Access and Complete your Academic Integrity Survey Assignment


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Beginning in Fall 2023, all students will be required to demonstrate their participation in each course to satisfy federal requirements. Learn more about Financial Aid eligibility.

Students will demonstrate their participation by completing a survey assignment that will be administered via bCourses, or via email (if your course is not using bCourses). The assignment will be made available in the first weeks of the term.


To Access Your Assignment From bCourses

There are two ways to access the assignment from bCourses:

1. Select the “Academic Integrity” tab in your course’s navigation menu and then select the survey displayed under Current Surveys:

*If the survey does not open in a new window/tab, you might try accessing the link from a private/incognito browser window, or using an alternate web browser.

2. From “Assignments” find the assignment named “Academic Integrity Assignment…”

From email (If your course is not using bCourses)

Look for an email from with the subject “Course Participation Assignment” and open the “Confirm your participation now” link.


You can also access your surveys directly from

Completing the Assignment

Regardless of how you access the assignment (bCourses or email) it will look the same. Preview of actual assignment.

To complete the assignment: read the text, check the box, and select "submit"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to complete a survey for each of my courses?
A: Yes, federal requirements require us to verify student participation for every enrollment.

Q: Why can’t I find an Academic Integrity assignment in one of my bCourses sites?
A: This assignment may not exist in a bCourses site if it is associated with an ungraded/secondary section. 
A: The instructor may have opted out of the bCourses assignment, in which case you will receive the assignment via email. 
A: The assignment is only available to officially enrolled students, not auditors or others enrolled outside of CalCentral. 
A: If you recently enrolled in the course, it may take up to two business days to access the assignment. You can view all of your survey assignments at

Getting Help

For questions regarding financial aid eligibility, contact Cal Student Central.

For technical support, contact