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How to turn off Automatic Forwarding in bMail


How to turn off Automatic Forwarding in bMail

To end automatic forwarding of your email, please follow these instructions:

          1. Open the Gmail account that you forward from.

          2. Click the gear in the top right. 



          3. Select See all Settings.



          4.  Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.         



         5.  Select Disable Forwarding in the "Forwarding" section.



         6.  Click the first drop-down menu after "Forward a copy of incoming mail to" and check for (in use by a filter)." This is to let you

              know that the filter you are deleting is being used by one of your filters.  Make sure to check the filter so you know what will not be 

              forwarded once this is disabled.  To disable the forwarding filter, choose Remove option.



          7.  Once you click Remove, there will be a box that says, "Confirm forward address filter removal,". 


        8.  Click OK.

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