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How Do I Create a SPA Admin Group?


How to Create an Admin Group

Creating an admin group to use to multiple populate SPA groups allows a department to remove a member from the admin group, and have them removed from all SPAs at the same time. This is helpful when people leave the unit or the campus.

1. Go to your Group/Folder Space in CalGroups

2. Create admin group in your folder space.

3. Set privileges for the admin group

Within the admin group:

Use your new admin group instead of adding individual users to SPAs and other groups. 

For example, someone in the department may be in charge of creating new SPAs. When they go to edit the direct member group for the SPA, they can replace themselves with the admin group. Afterwards they can add the people who will utilize the SPA to the admin group. Using an admin group across multiple SPAs means that when someone leaves your department, you only have to remove them from the admin group to remove them from all of the SPAs, and vice versa -- you can use an admin group to add new employees to multiple SPAs at the same time, as long as the admin group is a member of each SPA.

Note: One might assume one can use a SPA access group for the admin group. There are several reasons not to use the SPA access group as your admin group, one being that you will be more likely to end up with an empty SPA access group, and risk having the affiliated bMail account turned off.  Using a separate admin group prevents that from happening.