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The camera stream is missing or is a black image


The camera stream is missing

There can be two reasons. 

  1.  The room does not have a camera installed. To see a list of rooms with cameras, please go to the classroom database and filter for "Feature: Camera without Operator"
  2.  A recording can take up to 2 hours after the lecture ends to fully process. The projection stream is typically much smaller and finishes processing first. The recording will then become available. Once the camera stream is done processing, it will attach itself to the recording. 

The camera is showing a black image

This happens because the camera is blanked on the touch panel. The "blank the camera" button is a feature we added for instructors that do not want their image to be recorded but are scheduled in a classroom with a camera installed. At the start of the lecture, instructors should check the confidence monitor near the touch panel to get a preview of what is being recorded and make adjustments on the touch panel if needed. The confidence monitor shows two streams: The left side shows the projection stream, and the right side shows the camera stream. 

Here's a screenshot of a typical touch panel. The one for your room might differ slightly. 

Touch Panel Screenshot

Always check the confidence monitor to get a preview of what is being recorded. 

note: Confidence monitors are only installed in classrooms with cameras.