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How do I download Kaltura media?


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Media owners and co-editors can always download their media files. They also can decide what media files can be downloaded by others who have access to the videos on a per-video basis. By default, the download option is not available for viewers who are not Media owners or co-editors. 

These steps apply to both bCourses and MediaSpace.

Note that there is a known limitation on downloading dual-stream videos: Regardless of which method in this article one uses to download a video, only one video stream (usually the screen capture) will be downloaded, along with the audio. To download the second stream of a dual-stream video, follow the instructions in How do I download the second stream of a dual stream video?  (Dual-stream videos are those for which the viewer has control over 2 separate video streams—usually one for the camera and one for the screen capture—separately, so that, for example, they can change the relative size of each stream. Zoom recordings may or may not be dual-stream depending on the host's Zoom settings. See "How do my Zoom settings impact how recordings appear in Kaltura?" for more info.) 

How to download video or audio files via the Edit page (only for media owners and co-editors):

Please note that captions are not included in the media download, but owners or co-editors can download them separately. See the "To download a caption file" section of Kaltura's Upload and Manage Captions article for instructions. 


  1. Access My Media either through bCourses or MediaSpace.
  2. Click the title of the media in question. The media entry page will load.
  3. From the Actions dropdown menu, click Edit. Alternatively, if you have clicked Launch Editor, you can continue to the next step was well.

The Edit option selected from the Actions dropdown menu.

       4.On the upper right of the media player, click the "Download video" button. Screenshot of the download video button



How to download video or audio files (for viewers):

Viewers are only allowed to download Kaltura media that the owner or co-editor has set to allow for downloads. If you do not see the Download tab shown in the directions below, then the media owner and co-editors have not allowed for downloads on the media. 


  1. Go to the page on which you can play the media. Depending on how it is shared, this will either be through a bCourses site’s Media Gallery, or MediaSpace. (You cannot download media that is embedded on a bCourses page.)
  2. Click the Download tab, which should be next to the Attachments tab. (If your browser window is not wide enough, you may not see a Download tab; instead, you’ll need to click Details and then select Download.)

Screenshot of the Download tab highlighted

Screenshot of the Details dropdown menu with the Download option highlighted

3. Click the download icon under the Actions column on the format you wish to download.

Screenshot of the Details dropdown menu with the Download option highlighted


How to download still images (for anybody):

Drag the image in the media player to the desktop OR right click the image and choose "Save image as." 


Where to find downloaded media

Where the media gets saved is dependent on your browser settings, but it's likely that you'll find it in your Downloads folder.