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How to sign into Zoom at UC Berkeley if you don't have a CalNet ID


How to sign into Zoom at UC Berkeley if you don't have a CalNet ID

Note: If you have a CalNet ID, you should sign in using the standard log in screen or using Zoom Desktop Client (SSO option).

These instructions are for the small fraction (less than 0.5%) of Zoom users at UC Berkeley who use Zoom accounts that do not end in or

I have a CalNet ID, but my Zoom account uses my non-Berkeley address

If you have a CalNet ID, but your Zoom account uses your non-Berkeley address, we urge you to contact telecom-zoom@berkeley.eduto ask that your Zoom account be updated to use your Berkeley address, so you can log in via your CalNet ID. This will greatly enhance the security of your Zoom account and allow you to log in more easily.

I’m logging in to a Zoom account owned by a SPA (departmental account). Should I still use CalNet to log in?

Yes! As a security best practice, please sign in using CalNet credentials rather than Zoom username and password.

See how to log in via CalNet using a SPA.

How do I get a CalNet ID if I don’t have one already?

Faculty, Staff, Students, and Affiliates of UC Berkeley can get CalNet IDs, starting from

To log in with a non-Berkeley address

If you are not a current UC Berkeley affiliate (faculty, staff, student, or affiliate), you can log in to Zoom using your non-Berkeley email address and Zoom password via