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How Do I Create a Video Assignment in bCourses?


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It’s easy to create a bCourses assignment, where students submit a video directly to the instructor or share with the class. Examples of assignments using student video include class introductions, (individual or group) student presentations, interview assignments or role-playing.


Option 1: Creating a bCourses Assignment (Assignment Goes to Instructor Only)

Using the Canvas Assignment tool, you set up the assignment as you would any other assignment just making sure to set the Submission Type to Text Entry. Even though Media Recording and File Upload seem like more obvious options, using Text Entry (see image below), allows students to use Kaltura to submit their video which will create a better experience for you when you are grading them. 

Quiz Submission Type options with Text Entry selected

You'll want to provide instructions such as these in the Assignment Details field:

"Instructions: To upload your video, click on the Apps button in the Rich Content Editor and select Kaltura Video Submission. For more guidance, please reference How do I embed Kaltura media in bCourses using the Rich Content editor?"

Note: For graded or high stakes assignments, you should require that students use “Kaltura Video Submission” (rather than "Embed Kaltura Media") when submitting media, as this creates a non-editable copy of the file at the time of submission. 

For assignments where students will be sharing media with each other, you might direct students to submit files to the Media Gallery or use bCourses Discussions. 

For more information about creating Assignments, please see vendor documentation for Assignments.

Option 2: Media Gallery Submission (Assignment Shared with Peers)

Prerequisite: Media Gallery is visible in your course navigation. If it is not, see How do I add My Media or Media Gallery to my bCourses site?

To use Kaltura Media Gallery, create an assignment in the Assignment tool with the submission type of “No submission” and provide instructions for students to submit their video by sharing it with the course Kaltura Media Gallery. 

The instructions should include the specific naming convention you would like students to use for their video (i.e. their name, the assignment name, etc.) and anything that you would like them to add to the video description (i.e. anything that you would normally have them add in a discussion post).

In Media Gallery, both commenting and content moderation is enabled by default. If you do not want to manually approve every video added to the Media Gallery, you will want to disable the moderation setting. See How do I enable or disable student (or site member) comments on a video in a bCourses Media Gallery?


Option 3: Using bCourses Discussions (Assignment Shared with Peers)

To use the Discussion tool, you can create the assignment just as you would for any other discussion. Ask students to embed video following the instructions in How do I embed Kaltura media in bCourses using the Rich Content Editor?

Please note that this option does not work with Group Discussions; if you set a Discussion as a "Group Discussion," when students try to embed Kaltura media they will see an "Access Denied" message.  


Comparison of bCourses Tools for Classroom Media Sharing & Peer Engagement
Tool Advantages Disadvantages
Media Gallery
  • No additional setup
  • Comments at specific points within video
  • No Speedgrader review of student comments
  • Additional Setup Required
  • Can take a while to load, especially if there are multiple embedded videos