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Zoom Shared Webinar and Large Meeting Service


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The terms of this service have been updated effective 5/26/2023

Zoom Shared Webinar and Large Meeting Service

The Zoom Shared Webinar and Large Meeting service is available to departments and individuals who have already purchased a Zoom webinar or large meeting add-on license, and who are waiting for their licenses to be applied to their accounts. If you anticipate that you will need to hold multiple large meetings or webinars or a series of events during the academic year, you should purchase an annual large meeting or webinar license for yourself or your department. See the Ordering and Pricing information article.

The UC Berkeley Zoom team maintains a limited amount of Zoom webinar and large meeting licenses that can be used by departments for one-time events in the event your add-on license is not available for use. 

What does 'Shared Webinar and Large Meeting Service' mean?

The Shared Webinar and Large Meeting service was initially launched in response to the COVID-19 crisis and allows people to use a webinar or large meeting add-on license while they are waiting for their add-on license orders to be applied to their account. 

  1. Our team will identify whether the date/time of your event is available to use the shared license. We will reserve that time-slot for your event if available. 
  2. You can choose between a Large Meeting or a Webinar event, with up to 1,000 attendees (including hosts).
  3. There is currently no charge for this service, although this is subject to change. 
  4. Please submit your request to use this service at least 5 working days before your event. The earlier the better.

What do I need to do?

  1. First, read the differences between a Zoom meeting and webinar.
  2. Arrange your Zoom event support team from within your department. Depending on the type of event, we recommend a large webinar have at least: one person to host the event, one or two people to manage Q&A and chat, and one person to manage event security.
  3. If you want a webinar, ensure the host and event support people have read the Zoom webinar documentation, especially the Getting Started Guide.
  4. Provide the following information via this Shared Webinar/meeting request form, which will also generate a request in our ticketing system.
    Submit this at least five (5) working days before your event
    1. whether you want a:
      1. Large Meeting (up to 1000 participants)
      2. Webinar (up to 1000 participants)
    2. The date, time, and duration of the event
    3. Event title
    4. Event description
    5. Event host email address
    6. We have Q&A turned on by default, indicate if you want that turned off
    7. Indicate whether you would like polls set up in advance
    8. Indicate whether you would like to have a separate rehearsal session, the date/time of the rehearsal session, and who should be included in the rehearsal session. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any IT support will be available during your rehearsal time or during the actual event. 
    9. Indicate whether you want registration turned on or off
      The following additional questions are applicable only for webinars, not for large meetings:
    10. Contact person name and email (webinar only)
    11. Name/email of all panelists (webinar only)
    12. Indicate whether you want to start the webinar early for the panelists to get set up and then you could push the 'broadcast' button, which would then bring all of the attendees in from the waiting room. This is called a Practice Session that starts right before your scheduled webinar time. (webinar only)
  5. Read the Shared Webinar Service Guidelines.
  6. Read about Securing Zoom meetings and preventing Zoom-bombing.
  7. Read about your role as a host, co-host, panelist or attendee

What will happen next?

The UC Berkeley Zoom team will review the schedule to see if the time-slot you requested is available and will respond on the incident.

What happens after the meeting?

Reply to your incident that the meeting is over, and we will send you the following information:

  1. Link to the recording, if recorded
  2. Registration, Attendee and polling reports if applicable 

If you would like professional event assistance, contact Berkeley Video's Video Production Service

Questions? Send email to