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First Response Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


2.0 - Updated on 2023-01-13 by Terri Kouba

1.0 - Authored on 2020-01-07 by Rich Meyer

First Response SLAs and Notifications

Goal: Monitor the timeliness of our initial customer response to service interruptions.

In coordination with the ITSM Tiger Team, First Response service level agreements (SLAs) have been built and applied to assignment groups associated with the groups listed below. These SLAs are only for Service Interruptions in the ITSM instance of ServiceNow.

First Response SLAs allocate a certain amount of time to provide an in-ticket response to the submitter. These SLA time allocations vary by priority. These SLAs will trigger a warning email when nearing the time allocation (warning) as well trigger an email when an incident has used up its allocated time (breach).

Email notifications will include the following details:

These changes have been implemented for assignment groups associated with Haas, RTL Learning and Education Services, IT Client Services, IST Telecommunication Services, IST Infrastructure Services, IST Database Services, IST Platform Services, and the bConnected - Services. First Response SLA Notification Fixes Some First Response SLA notifications were previously released that sometimes trigged multiple notifications or sent an empty notification message. These bugs have been fixed.

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