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Accessibility information in Tableau


Tableau is not recommended for creating visualizations on a public facing web site. The Tableau tool is best used on a researcher's own workstation. The visualizations rendered by Tableau do not meet the UC electronic accessibility policy and are not usable by people with certain disabilities. 

We recommend you only use Tableau for your individual exploration of data. If you require students to use Tableau in their classes, please note that students with disabilities (including blind, low vision, and keyboard-only students) will need to have an accommodation to be able to create or view data visualizations with this tool.

If you wish to publish data on the web, we recommend that you try using a tool like Highcharts that supports creating accessible visualizations, and then provide a download of the data set for readers to explore separately. Please keep the UC web space accessible by not publishing Tableau charts to the web.

Please email webaccess@berkeley.eduif you have any questions.