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Zoom FAQs


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Zoom FAQs


As of March 2020, Zoom Licensed/Pro accounts (without add-ons) are now available for faculty, staff, and graduate student instructors due to instructional resilience coverage, free of charge. Go to the UC Berkeley Video conferencing site and click "Sign In" to get an account immediately.


What if I want add-on services like toll-free numbers, Webinar and Zoom Room?

To request Zoom add-on services or a HIPAA-compliant Zoom account, submit a service request.


How much are the add-on services?


See this pricing sheet.


What hardware should I use when using my computer to join a meeting?

You can find recommendations for hardware and configuration here.


Is a Zoom account transferable to another employee?

No, if an account holder should leave the university, the department must place an order to cancel the account immediately otherwise they will continue to be billed. If they have a replacement for that position, a new request must be placed for the replacement to get a new license.

This is necessary because Zoom licenses are associated with email addresses. It also helps us keep clean records for us and the departments for tracing and auditing purposes.


Can I change my Zoom meeting ID issued to me by the system?

Yes, when you receive your initial welcome package from the Zoom Administrator, please go to the section where you see your Zoom meeting ID. It allows you the option to change it to something friendly if you want. This is where you may want to change it to your phone number. However, the requirement is for 10 digits so if you choose to use your phone number, be sure to include the area code.


International Participants

The link below provides a complete list of all international toll dial in phone numbers Zoom provides.  These rates are charged to the participant, not to the meeting host. We recommend computer audio (VoIP) be used for meetings with international participants to eliminate toll charges.

For premium audio (countries noted in red) click on the link below for pricing info:


Zoom Rooms – How do we use it?

Please click on the url below to see the various ways and instructions on how to use it.


Meetings & Webinars – How do we use it?

Please click on the url below to see the various ways and instructions on how to use it.


Audio, Video Sharing – How do we use it?

Please click on the url below to see the various ways and instructions on how to use it.


Messaging – How do we use it?

Zoom Group Messaging offers the following benefits:


How many department users can log into the webinar from different computers at the same time e.g. a moderator, co-host and host etc?

Each webinar "add on" license is assigned to a specific existing Pro License user (aka the host). We offer different attendee tier sizes based on the amount needed to attend during the live event. 

For example, our Webinar License 500 allows a total of 500 participants for each live webinar, as an example:

Attendees (1 Host + 3 Co-Presenters = 4. This allows another 496 attendees that could join).


What is the file type of the downloaded recording?

standard media file (Mp4)


If more than 500 register for a Webinar, do we get charged more per person or does the system block more than 500 registered attendees?

Zoom allows as many individuals to register as needed, we only care about how many attend the actual live event. If the Webinar 500 License is purchased, only a total of 500 participants can join (host + co-presenters + attendees = 500 participants). If you anticipate this will exceed 500, the Webinar 1000 or 3000 must be purchased PRIOR to the event, and enabled on the account. 


How do I create a SPA account? 

Creating the actual departmental account