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bSecure GlobalProtect VPN Installation Guide: Mac OSX


Download the Mac 32/64bit client by accessing the bSecure GlobalProtect portal using your CalNet credentials:


  1. Minimize or exit all other running Applications.  This is important because MacOS X will prompt you to allow the VPN to access system resources and users have reported that the popup can appear behind other windows so it is difficult to find.

  2. Go to where you have software download, usually the Download folder, and double click on the GlobalProtect.pkg file
    1. MacOS X may warn you that the software has been downloaded from the Internet, and you will have to approve using the software.


  1. You will be presented with the Welcome page and need to click Continue


  1. You will be presented with the Custom Install page, GlobalProtect will be selected by default and you should click Continue


  1. The installer will verify that you do in fact want to install the software, click continue


  1. When the software is done you will see a success page and the GlobalProtect icon (a small globe) will show up in the service list at the top or your screen. Click Close to continue


  1. You will receive a popup asking if the installer should be moved to the trash.  We recommend that you Keep the software as the same installer can be used to uninstall the software.

  2. MacOS X will open a small dialog window asking if the GlobalProtect app can access system resources, please allow this (not doing so will prevent the application from working and is difficult to correct after the fact)


  1. Now select the GlobalProtect globe from the service bar at the top or your screen


  1. Enter “” (without the quotes) in the portal address field and click Connect


  1. A popup window will appear with the standard CalNet login page, authenticate as normal to continue


  1. The window will then briefly show that you are connected before minimizing back into the services list.


  1. You can change which VPN connection you are using by selecting another from the pull-down. The client will remember your choice between connections unless the software is updated.


  1. Disconnect by clicking the disconnect button.

If you are running MacOS X 10.12 or newer and get timeouts after the installation is complete please look at this article on how to fix it: