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bConnected On-Premise (bCOP) Terms of Service


Terms of Service: bConnected On-Premise Service

Service Definition

The bConnected On-Premise (bCOP) service is provided to campus services/hosts to meet outbound email sending needs that cannot be met in other ways (e.g. cloud-based solution, Gmail SMTP). bCOP can only be used if the alternative solutions are not viable (see eligibility requirements below).


The bConnected team has an ongoing goal to eventually -- over the course of the next several years -- eliminate the bCOP service and rely on purely cloud-based solutions for email. 

Eligibility Requirements

Campus applications, systems, or devices that need to use bCOP must be able to use an authenticated connection*, and meet at least one of the following minimum requirements:

*A Minimum Security Standards Exception is required to relay mail unauthenticated via bCOP. 

Usage Rules


Applicable University Policies

In order to use bCOP, all users must adhere to all applicable laws and University policies, including (but not limited to):

  1. Email Service Policy (enumerates the principles and practices of operation for the Campus Email Service)
  2. Campus Online Activities Policy (establishes policy and guidelines where existing policies do not specifically address issues particular to the use of electronic resources. It also clarifies the applicability of law and of other University or Campus policies to online activities)
  3. Computer Use Policy for UC Berkeley (governs all campus computing and networking activities)
  4. UC Electronic Communications Policy (establishes policy on allowable use and privacy of electronic communications, and also clarifies limits on privacy protections)
  5. CAN-SPAM Act: A compliance Guide for Business 

Violations could result in loss of privileges or disciplinary action. 

Privacy & Security

When it comes to privacy and security, protecting the confidentiality and integrity of Berkeley campus data is everyone’s responsibility. UC Berkeley expects all users to employ reasonable and appropriate safeguards concerning the information they transmit and store utilizing bCOP. Email that is deemed suspicious will not be delivered through bCOP, as a way to protect the service reputation and ensure deliverability for bCOP users. Users should familiarize themselves with Data Classifications Standard and Keeping Data Safe before utilizing these services. 

Access to bCOP

Submit bCOP Access Request Form.

Terms of Service effective August 2017; subject to review February 2018.