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How to use third-party add-ons in Google


Add-ons are tools built by third-party developers that provide extra features and enhancements to Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms. While add-ons are convenient, they do pose privacy and security concerns because they are not supported or covered by the core services agreement between UC Berkeley and Google. Each add-on has its own terms of service that the user is responsible for agreeing to, and may expose data to the third-party developer unintentionally.

If you decide to use an add-on, extension, or app with your UC Berkeley Google account, you will need to agree to the terms, and will be proceeding at your own risk. Therefore, it is your responsibility to safeguard against any unwarranted or overreaching access to your Google account info. You can manage and remove apps that have access to your Google account here:

bConnected users are strongly encouraged to only expose Level 0 (public) data when using Google add-ons, extensions, or apps that connect to your UC Berkeley Google account. A best practice would be to install the add-on using a departmental Special Purpose Account that does not have sensitive content stored within bDrive.

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