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How can I work on my bCourses site without a CalNet Account?


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Sometimes, instructors do not have access to bCourses before the start of their class because their teaching appointment has not yet started. This is common for Summer Session instructors, whose appointment dates are the same as the class start date. They do not have CalNet access until this time, so they cannot log into bCourses.

If you would like to work on your course and you do not yet have a CalNet Account, we recommend that someone from your department sponsor you for a CalNet Guest Account. Then, you may request a "sandbox" site where you can start work setting up your course materials online.

The sandbox site would serve as a temporary space where you could add course content and set up your course materials and activities while you're waiting for your teaching appointment and/or for your official CalNet ID to be activated.

See below for all the steps in this process.


  1. A staff member from your department sponsors you for a CalNet Guest Account (instructions)
  2. You receive an email from CalNet prompting you to set up your Guest Account
  3. You or the department staff member contacts us at to request that a sandbox site be created for you and to add your Guest Account to it.
  4. You log in with your Guest Account and add your course materials and activities to your sandbox site.
  5. Once both your official CalNet ID and your teaching appointment are active, you can log in with that CalNet ID and create your official course site (instructions).
  6. Log out of bCourses, and then log back in using your Guest Account.
  7. Go to the sandbox site and add your *official* CalNet ID to it. This gives your official account access to the sandbox so that you can import its contents.
  8. Log out, again, and log back in using your official CalNet ID.
  9. Import content from your sandbox site into your official course site (instructions).