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Pre-Fall 2021 Only: Why are the Course Capture videos showing as private or unavailable on YouTube?


3.0 - Updated on 2021-10-20 by Sara Viray

2.0 - Updated on 2021-04-08 by Nga Willa Chan

1.0 - Authored on 2016-07-12 by Nga Willa Chan

Note: This article only applies to Pre-Fall 2021 Course Capture recordings.

If you are on your bConnected ( account:

If you are signed in with as an channel and you still do not have access; please make sure that you are on your personal channel and not a brand channel.

Follow the instructions on switching between YouTube channels in Switch between channels on a Google Account to view the accounts you manage. There should be two different accounts, please try signing into the one you are not logged into and then reload the Course Capture again.

If you are not on your bConnected ( account:

Course Capture videos can only be viewed by the the UC Berkeley community. In order to view Course Capture videos, you must log in to YouTube using your bConnected account. 

How to log in to YouTube using your bConnected account:

1. Click Sign In at the top right. 

Screenshot of YouTube with the Sign In button circled.

If you have already signed into YouTube with another account, click your channel icon the top right corner and choose Switch account from the dropdown menu. Then, click Add Account.

Screenshot of YouTube with the channel icon circled.

Screenshot of the channel icon dropdown menu with the Switch Account option highlighted.

Screenshot of the Accounts menu with the Add account option highlighted.

2. Sign in with your email address and you will be brought to a CalNet Authentication page.

3. After signing in, you will now be able to see any video that is shared with the UC Berkeley Community.