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How do I get an embed code for video stored in Box?


2.0 - Updated on 2019-08-12 by Judy STERN

1.0 - Authored on 2016-02-08 by Paula Miranda

The Berkeley Box service allows you to upload, organize and share files online. When a video file is uploaded into Box, one of the ways that it can be shared is by using an embed code, which you can paste into any html page. Doing so allows viewers to watch the video within the Box video player, which has playback, size, and speed controls. You can also set permissions for who can view and download the video.


Follow the following steps to get embed code to use in bCourses or the html of any web page.

STEP 1: Log into Box

Go to Select 'Continue'. If you are not already logged into CalNet, you will be prompted to do so.

Screenshot of Box login screen

STEP 2: Find the video file and embed code

Find the video file and, from the menu of options for file [1], select Sharing [2], then Embed Widget [3]. This will give you the embed code.

Screenshot of how to embed file

STEP 3: Copy the embed code

The Embed Widget Settings window will appear. You have the option to change the size and theme of the video player, as well as preview what the video will look like.

When you are satisfied with the settings, select all of the Embed Code, and copy it (CTRL + C [PC] or CMD + C [Mac] on your keyboard).

Screenshot of Embed Widget Settings

This text can be copied into a new bCourses element for display of the video within your course. See our KB article on embedding video in bCourses.


Important Accessibility Information

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