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Firmware Upgrade for iClicker Classic v7


2.0 - Updated on 2021-12-29 by Sara Viray

1.0 - Authored on 2016-01-13 by Judy STERN

NOTE: Support for iClicker Classic is being retired, and this KB article is no longer being maintained. RTL strongly recommends switching to using Poll Everywhere or iClicker Cloud. Please visit the Student Response Systems service page for more information.

Older white base stations (likely those from Spring 2014 and earlier) will need a firmware update to work with version 7 of the iClicker software. If you obtained your base station prior to 2015, you’ll want to determine if you need this firmware update prior to running your first class.

Two ways to tell if your base station needs a firmware update:

A. Use the iClicker Firmware Utility:

  1. Download and extract the  iClicker Base Firmware Utility from (Mac users will download a disk image which will extract into a folder. You need to drag the iclicker-base-utility folder to your hard disk. You can't open  the application contained in that folder directly from the disk image.)
  2. Plug in your base station. 
  3. Open the the  iclicker-base-utiltity software.  (If it doesn't open, please make sure you have dragged the folder to your hard drive.)

    You will see a screen that tells you what the firmware version is. If it says anything less than version 5.0.4, you need a firmware upgrade.

B. Or try it out:

  1. Plug in your base station. 
  2. Open your iClicker 7 software and (if you haven't already) create your class by clicking the “+Create” button. 

    If your base station needs a firmware upgrade, you will not be able to “Start New Session” or you will see a message telling you that you need a firmware upgrade. 

If you need the firmware update, get it in one of these two ways:

A. Update it yourself

  1. If you haven’t already, download and extract the  iClicker Base Firmware Utility from 
  2. Click Update Firmware.

B. Come to the Academic Innovation Studio, Dwinelle 117

Drop in between 9 and 5, Monday thru Friday, and we’ll either swap your old base for a new one (if we have any in stock) or run the firmware udpate on your existing base.