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Configure iClicker Classic software


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NOTE: Support for iClicker Classic is being retired, and this KB article is no longer being maintained. RTL strongly recommends switching to using Poll Everywhere or iClicker Cloud. Please visit the Student Response Systems service page for more information.

These instructions assume that you are using the current version of the Berkeley-customized version of the iClicker Classic software. (This means that sometime since January 2016 you downloaded the UCB-customized version of the iClicker software and have updated it to the current version using the Help > Check for Updates function; see our Download iClicker software help document for more info).

These instructions also assume you wish to share data (student names and clicker points) with a bCourses site in which you either
  1. Have the role of Teacher OR
  2. Have the role of TA and, in your iClicker Resources folder, have the UCB-specific LMS_wizard.xml file updated December 21, 2018 or later. (If you downloaded iClicker Classic anew after February 4, 2019 you have the right file. If not, you need to download the current LMS_wizard.xml file; see How can I update my iClicker Classic configuration file? )

If you do not meet either of the above requirements but need to connect iClicker to bCourses, you can have someone who already has the role of Teacher in the course site give you the role of Teacher. They can refer to How do I edit user roles in a Course to simply change your role; or they can refer to Adding people to your site to add you to the site with the role of Teacher.

To configure your iClicker software: 

  1. In your Berkeley_iclicker_mac7 or Berkeley_iclicker_win7 software folder, find the iclicker software ( or iclicker.exe) and open it. (Windows users may need to open the folder within your Berkeley_iclicker_win7 software folder in order to  find iclicker.exe.)

  2. Click + Create.
    iClicker Classic main screen with no courses  in list and "+ Create" circled in red

  3. In the Create a New Course window, enter the name of the course in which you will be using clickers and click the Create button.
    iClicker Classic "Create a New Course" dialog with a course name typed in and red circle around Create button

    The window closes and you are returned to the “Welcome Screen” with your course name in the list of courses. A new course folder has been created in the “Classes” folder. 

  4. Select your course name from the course list and click Settings.
    iClicker Classic main screen with one course listed and red circle around Settings button

  5. In the General tab, register your blue instructor remote ID by entering the number on the back of the remote in the Instructor Remote ID field. 
    iClicker Classic Gradebook dialog, General tab, with "Instructor Remote ID" label & field circled in red

    If you do not have the remote ID in hand you can skip this step. Providing the ID here allows you to control your presentation and your polling using the remote. You can add it at a later time, or skip this step entirely if you'd prefer to use your laptop keyboard and mouse to control your presentation and polling.

  6. (Optional, but recommended) Under "Frequency code", change the "Show frequency alert message" to something other than "until manually closed". Otherwise you will get very annoyed by having to close a window that pops-up to tell your students what frequency your base is on every time you run a poll.  

  7. Click the Gradebook tab near the top of the window, and then click Select Course
    Top half of iClicker Settings dialog with Gradebook  tab selected, and "Select Course" button circled in red

    Note: if, at this point, you see an error message beginning with the text "There was an error validating the Authentication token", go ahead and click OK. You should then be able to continue with the rest of the steps in this article. Email if this does not work. 

  8. You may be prompted to enter your CalNet credentials, after which you will see a window asking you to authorize access. Click Authorize

  9. You should then see a list of your active bCourses sites. Click on the course in which you'll be using clickers and then click Select

    Note:If you do not see a list of courses, and instead see the message “The application has finished the login workflow, and should reactivate shortly”, it may be because you do not have the role of Teacher or TA in any bCourses courses. (Please re-read the second paragraph of this article.) It may also be because you need to update your iClicker software: see "Update to the most current version of iClicker software".

    Note: You may see duplicate listings for your course: 
    --If you have taught the same course in previous semesters, it may be difficult to differentiate between the current and the old versions. In order to ensure that you select the correct course from the "Select your course" list, we recommend that you click Cancel, and then go into bCourses and rename your course(s) in such a way as to be able to clearly identify the current course. For example, you may want to append the semester designation to the end of the course name(s). If you're not sure how to rename a bCourses course site, follow the instructions at the Canvas Guides article "How do I change a course name and course code?". After renaming your course site(s), start at step 6 above.
    --Alternatively, you may see a listing for both the course site and for LEC sections that are in the course site. If there is only one LEC section in the course site, it doesn't matter which one you select. If there are multiple LEC sections, you likely want to select the listing that doesn't refer to a particular section; that's the one that represents the entire course site. 

    The Gradebook tab in Settings should now list your course as the LMS Course.

  10. Select the checkbox "Only sync remote registrations with students in your LMS”; this will sync your iClicker roster with only bCourses clicker registrations, which should help avoid potential incorrect student registrations or unhelpful “partial matches”. (This assumes that your students know that they must register their iClicker remotes in bCourses.) This setting is suggested regardless of whether or not you are enabling the use of REEF polling. 
    iClicker Classic Settings dialog, Gradebook tab, "Only sync remote registrations with students in your LMS" checkbox selected and circled in red
  11. It is not necessary to make changes to other settings on the General tab or to any of the remaining tabs (Registration, Mobile, Roll Call, Toolbar, Scoring, Results and Base Display) in order to use iClicker, but some of the settings may be of interest to you. 

    If you wish to allow students to use the iClicker Student app (on smart phones, tablets and laptops), before making changes on the Mobile tab, please refer to our Help article, "Mobile support for iClicker Software"

     You can learn more about all the Course Settings tabs in the document UserGuide.pdf that is located in your Berkeley_iclicker_mac7 or  Berkeley_iclicker_win7 folder, or in the "Manage Course Settings" iClicker support article.

  12. Click Save to save your settings.

    You will likely next want to Synchronize Your Roster. It is also critical that you Make the iClicker Registration Tool Visible in your bCourses site, if you haven't already done so in the your current course site.