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How to configure the SMTP settings to send mail from a printer, scanner, or app


Configuring your printer, scanner or application to authenticate to a real email account when it sends scanned documents via email will greatly reduce the likelihood of these messages being incorrectly marked as SPAM, and will allow you to send scans to anyone, not just to people with email addresses.

Here is a basic overview of the steps required to configure your scanner:

  1. Create a SPA: Create a CalNet Special Purpose Account (SPA) for your printer/scanner.  You might want to call it a name that will make sense to the people using it, like “warren-second-floor-scanner”.
  2. Create a Google Account: Use your new SPA to create a corresponding Google account
    • Optional: Consider using the mail forwarding or vacation message features of bConnected to forward or reply to messages accidentally sent to the account
  3. Enable less secure apps: Ensure that your account is set to allow connections from less secure applications (If already enable, turn off, then back on) :
  4. Resolve login challenges: Ensure that there are no "login challenges" against your account :
  5. Create a bConnected Key: Create a bConnected Key for your new bConnected account.
  6. Find the manual: Find the manual for your printer/scanner/app. Usually this can be found as a result of a Google search for the manufacturer, model, and the word “manual", for example:
    Xerox WorkCenter 6605DN manual
  7. Look for the instructions for configuring email, or “SMTP”. For example, for the Xerox WorkCenter 6605DN, those instructions are on page 81 of the manual found in step 6.
  8. Enter the following information:
    • Outgoing mail server/SMTP server:
    • Outgoing mail port/SMTP port: 465, with SSL encryption or 587, with STARTTLS encryption. You may have to try both settings to see which works with your scanner.
    • Login/User name/Email address: The complete address of the Google account you created in step 2, for example
    • Password: The bConnected Key you created in step 5

For additional assistance, contact CSS IT at 510-664-9000 and follow the prompts to reach a technician from between 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. A ticket may also be submitted through or by e-mailing


You can use port 25 with  see Note: using this method will increase the likelihood of mail ending up in spam.