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How to configure the SMTP settings to send mail from a printer, scanner, or app


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How to use a Special Purpose Account to configure sending scan-to-email documents: 

Part 1: Configure a Special Purpose Account and generate a Google App Password

  1. Create a SPA: Create a CalNet Special Purpose Account (SPA) for your printer/scanner.  You might want to call it a name that will make sense to the people using it, like “warren-second-floor-scanner”.
  2. Create the SPA's Google Account: Use your new SPA to create a corresponding Google account
    1. Optional: Consider using the mail forwarding or vacation message features of bConnected to forward or reply to messages accidentally sent to the account
  3. Request App Password access: Request access to app passwords by going to
    This form must be submitted when logged into a web browser as the SPA. An email notification will delivered to the SPA once access is granted.
    For “Login as a SPA” steps, please visit:
  4. Create an App Password: Logging in as the SPA, follow the the Google directions to Create and use App Passwords:
    1. Create an individual App Password for each printer as appropriate for your department 

Part 2: Configure the copier to send email using the SPA email address and its App Password:

  1. Find the manual for your printer/scanner/app: Usually this can be found as a result of a Google search for the manufacturer, model, and the word “manual", for example:
    Xerox WorkCenter 6605DN manual
  2. Look for the instructions for configuring email, or “SMTP”: For example, for the Xerox WorkCenter 6605DN, those instructions are on page 81 of the its manual.
  3. Enter the following information:
    1. Outgoing mail server/SMTP server:
    2. Outgoing mail port/SMTP port: 465, with SSL encryption or 587, with STARTTLS encryption.
      You may have to try both settings to see which works with your scanner.
    3. Login/User name/Email address: The complete address of the Google account you created in Part 1 above.
      For example
    4. Password: The app password you created in Part 1 above

Google has changed the behavior of their Relay Service; configurations using likely will not work at the present time