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Portable Equipment Setup - Long Throw Projector



Long throw projector are used when your classroom doesn't have enough space to setup projector in the center of the room (usually due to seating designs) or in the front of the room like short throw projectors.  The long throw projectors can be setup in the back of most spaces however to match the screen size sometimes can be tricky.  Please consult with a technician at ETS on if long throw projector is the right choice for what you need to accomplish.

Inspect Conetent

A long throw projector kit should come with:

  • long throw projector
  • Power Cord
  • Extension Cord
  • 50ft VAC Cable (no Mac adapter)



Basic Setup

  1. Connect the power cord into the projector where it says AC IN.
  2. Connect the VGA cable to the projector in the Computer 1 In input.  Connect the other end of the VGA cable into laptop or tablet (you may need a VGA adapter depending on the device you have.)

  3. Turn on the projector by pressing a switch next to the power outlet first, then pressing the green power button indicated on the projector

Basic Operation

Adjusting projected image size:

  • The projected image size can be adjusted by using zoom level on the side of the lens.


Angle of Projection:

  • Hold down the level located in the center of the projector and the front support foot will drop down.  Release the level when you reach the ideal angle.

 Tips and Tricks

Selecting Sources

You can change between by pressing the Source Button.
Press and quickly release the Source button on the projector operation panel to display the Source List.  Press Source button repeatedly until desire input is highlights.  Press Enter button to confirm selection.


Correct Keystone Distortion

depending on how the projector is set up you may need to adjust keystone (when your projected image is not a perfect square, but a trapezoid shape).  Although most of the time the Auto Keystone Correct will take care of this issue.

To Manually adjust the keystone:

  • Press the 3D Reform button to reveal the on screen men
  • Use the shorter side of the image as base, align it to the projector screen
  • Use Select ◄ or ► buttons to adjust the Horizontal alignment
  • Use Select ▲ or ▼ buttons to adjust the Vertical alignment
  • After completing the correction, press ENTER Button to confirm the change
    If you want to restart, long press 3D Reform button to reset the settings.
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