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Adding an external app


Within bCourses is an App Center with a list of ETS-approved external tools that can be added to a site. Want to use Berkeley Box to share your documents, or Piazza to facilitate online discussions among students? You can enable these apps, and many others, from the App Center, which you can find by going to the [1] “Settings” link on the Course Navigation menu, [2] and then clicking on the “Apps” tab.


Screenshot of App Center

The instructions for adding external tools vary for each app. Some require specific numerical keys and codes that are provided by the developer, such as Piazza. Contact us at for assistance with configuring these apps for use in your course site.

Please note: While ETS can help you configure apps in your course site, we offer limited support for their use, since they are not products that we developed or maintain. The bCourses tools at UC Berkeley that we do support are i>Clicker, Turnitin, and Course Capture (formerly known as “Webcast”).

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