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How do I use the ssc command to install an external package when using Stata on Citrix?


You will need to specify a local path where Stata should install and look for external packages installed with the ssc command. For example, if you want to save packages in a directory you’ve created in My Documents  called stata_packages, you’ll need to issue the following command:


net set ado "\\Client\C$\Users\username\Documents\stata_packages"

ssc install packagename

adopath + "\\Client\C$\Users\username\Documents\stata_packages"


The package(s) you install will be permanently saved on your local system, but the settings only last for your current session. Each time you begin a Stata session in which you want to use one of these packages you’ll need to give this command:

adopath + "\\Client\C$\Users\username\Documents\stata_packages"