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Which UC Berkeley video service should I use?


3.0 - Updated on 2020-05-13 by Judy STERN

2.0 - Updated on 2018-10-03 by Judy STERN

1.0 - Authored on 2015-07-21 by Paula Miranda

I want:


Access to equipment or facilities because I want to create instructional content. 

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Media Service (formerly "Micro Studio")

Classroom Technology (Equipment Checkout)

No cost 

No cost

My class recorded Course Capture (Webcast) Service (in course capture enabled rooms) No cost/$* 

My event recorded

Berkeley Audio Visual $

To consult with a professional to help me plan a video project

DIY Media Consultation (Do-It-Yourself projects)

Berkeley Video (Professional projects)

No cost/$**

Professional video production service

Berkeley Video $

Content development for fully online courses

Digital Learning Services

Berkeley Video


*fully automated capture (screen + audio) = no cost; human-operated video capture = $

**There may be costs associated with extended consultations with Berkeley Video; contact Berkeley Video for more information



Important Accessibility Information

Instructors are encouraged to reference for best practices and resources for making course content accessible. In particular, you should refer to

and to ensure that your content will be accessible to all students who may be in your course (now and into the future). Keep in mind that it is harder and more expensive to make content accessible after-the-fact. Also, know that you are required to ensure your content is accessible if it will be made available to the public or if you have been notified by DSP that student accommodation is required.