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How do I create a Course Site?


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If you are the instructor of record for a class, you have the ability to create course sites in bCourses to communicate with and manage the work of students enrolled in your classes. Follow the steps below for each course site you would like to create.

1. Select Create a Site

From the bCourses dashboard, select the Create a Site button in the right sidebar.

Note: Your dashboard needs to be in card view for this button to be visible. See this Canvas guide for instructions on how to change your dashboard view: How do I use the Dashboard as an instructor?

Screenshot of bCourses Dashboard with Create a Site button highlighted

2. Select Create a Course Site

Select the Create a Course Site button. For instructions on how to create a Project site, see our help article: How do I create a Project Site?

Screenshot of Create a Site page with Create a Course Site button highlighted

3. Select Term and Section(s)

1. Select the term

2. Select the arrow to expand the section list, then select the section(s) rosters you'd like to include in your site.

Note: If the course has multiple sections, see our help article for different options for setting up your site: What are options are available for setting up my multiple-section course on bCourses?

3. Select the Next button.

Screenshot of Create a Site page with Term, Section, and Next button highlighted

Sections and Instruction Modes

The instruction mode for each section is displayed in this context in case you are teaching a course that is taught in multiple modes.  

Use Case 1: One Course Site

Create a single course site for all sections and instruction modes. This would allow you to send communications only to specific instruction modes, or assign different versions of an assignment to each section or instruction mode. To achieve this, select all primary and secondary sections in the step above. Once your course site is created, the instruction mode will be included in the section name so that you can easily identify and select specific sections by instruction mode.

Use Case 2: Multiple Course Sites

Create separate course sites for each of your course instruction modes. This would allow you to maintain, for example, one course site for the in-person instruction mode sections, and a separate course site for the remote instruction modes sections. To achieve this, select the sections you want to group together in the step above and select Next. Repeat for any other groups you wish to create.

4. Confirm Site Name and Abbreviation

1. Confirm the site name and abbreviation. These fields are pre-populated and can be edited if preferred.

2. Select the Create Course Site button.

Note: You can also edit the name and abbreviation after the site is created in course settings. See this Canvas Guide for instructions: How do I change a course name and course code?

Screenshot of Create a Site page with Site Name, Site Abbreviation, and Create Course Site button highlighted

5. Wait for Progress

A progress bar will appear while bCourses creates your site and syncs the section rosters.

Screenshot of Create a Site page with progress bar 40% complete

6. View Your Course Site

You will be automatically redirected to your site where you can begin adding your course materials and customizing the space.

Screenshot of new course home page


Why don't I see the Create a Site button?

Make sure your Dashboard is in card view, not list view. You must have a faculty or staff role in order for the Create a Site button to be visible.

Why don't I see my course(s) in the list of options?

You must be listed as the instructor of record for the class in order to create a course site. Check CalCentral to make sure that you have been listed as the instructor of record for classes you're teaching. If you are not, please contact your department scheduler and to let them know. You will be able to create a course site the day after you have been officially assigned to teach the course.