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Microphone Guidelines for Course Capture (Webcast)


This is an explanation of microphone guidelines for lectures being recorded for Course Capture.



Most problems with audio quality stem from improper use of the microphone.  This is particularly critical in for those courses where an AV tech is not available to assist. If you cannot find the microphone, please call our classroom support staff at 643-8637 and someone will be sent to assist you.

Thank you for reviewing the following guidelines to help ensure quality audio.


Wireless Microphone Use

All classrooms over 50 seats are equipped with either a wired lavalier or wireless lapel microphone.

  Wireless Microphone 

We suggest that you use the wireless microphone, as the sound quality is better. If the light on the top of the unit is a constant red, this means the battery is dead and needs to be changed.

. Microphone Red Light

There should be spare 9V batteries in the media cabinet of your classroom. If not, please contact Classroom Support at 643-8637 and a spare will be brought to you.

 Microphone 9V Battery

When the battery is fully charged, you will see a green light at the top of the unit and the LED display will show three bars.

 Microphone Green Light

 Microphone LED readout


If you notice that there are two bars or less, please change the battery.

Changing the Battery

On the bottom of the battery pack you will see a slide lock. If you open the lock, you will see the battery. Take out the old battery and replace it with a spare that can be found in the media cabinet where the wireless microphone is housed. Put the new battery in the pack (do not force it to close). If you cannot close the door on the unit, the battery is probably in the wrong way. Reverse the battery and try again to lock the unit.

 Microphone battery compartment

Wearing Your Microphone

It is recommended that you wear clothing that is easy to clip a microphone onto such as a collared shirt or jacket.  The ideal placement of the microphone is 3" to 4" away from your mouth, clipped somewhere around your sternum.  Please be sure that it is pointing in the direction that you are speaking.

 Microphone being worn

Finally, please remember to repeat audience/student questions for the benefit of remote listeners.