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How do I view a Course Capture recording?


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As a student officially enrolled in a Course Capture course:

Students can access the recordings at the Media Gallery in the bCourses course site. Recordings are first made available to the instructor. Instructors can then choose to publish the recording under the Media Gallery tab for the course or embed it into their course pages and modules. 

As an instructor of record of a Course Capture course:

Instructors can access the recordings at the My Media tab in the bCourses course site. Recordings are automatically made available to the instructors of record. Instructors must share each individual recording with their students. If "GSI/TA moderation" was chosen as the publishing option at signup, users in the TA role of your bCourses site will be able to take on the publishing task. 

For more information about sharing recordings with students, please see one of the following articles: