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Portable Equipment Setup - Assistive Listening Kit Operation




  • Assistive Listening Console
  • Antenna
  • Power cord
  • 4 x clip-on receivers
  • 1 x Handheld microphone
  • XLR cable
  • Microphone batteries

Setting Up

Take the main console out of the case. (Located underneath the foam insert).

Connect the power cord from a power outlet to the “Power In” slot on the back right of the main console as pictured below.

Also connect the XLR cable to the “Audio Input” slot on the back left of the main console.  Connect the other side to of the XLR cable to the handheld microphone.

Screw antenna onto the top of the main console as pictured.

Pull black tip on the antenna to extend it.

Insert batteries in each of the needed clip-on receiver as necessary.

(Do not leave batteries inside microphones when not in use because they will corrode)

Powering On/Off
  After everything is plugged in and set up, use the “Power” button on the front left of the main console to turn on/off the device

Adjusting audio

To adjust the decibel level, use the “Audio Level” + and – buttons on the front left of the main console display screen. When speaking into the microphone, the light indicators on the front left should be green and should not reach the red level when speaking at a normal volume. Decibel value will be displayed on the main console screen as well. 

To adjust volume level, use the “Volume” + and – buttons on the front right of the main console.

Volume can be adjusted on each of the clip-on microphones as well for each student’s individual preference.



Power off main console and each of the clip-on microphones.

Take batteries out of clip-on microphones and replace in battery box.

Unplug and coil all cables.

Replace all components into case.