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Portable Equipment Setup - MP3 Audio Recorder Operation


MP3 audio recorder can be loan out to instructors who are teaching at least one class that semester.  Please visit our instructional equipment checkout web page for more information on how to reserve one.



*This instruction is intended for use in ETS supported General Assignment Classroom with standard Black Box installed. 

To connect a Blu-Ray player to a General Assignment (GA) Classroom existing equipment, following the instructions below.


  • Audio recorder and case
  • MicroSD card (inside audio recorder)
  • AC adapter
  • USB cable
  • Mini Tripod
  • Foam



Powering On/Off

To turn the recorder on, flip the power switch and hold for a few seconds until the screen flashes orange.

To turn off the recorder, follow the same process until the screen goes blank.

Setting a format

File format

Using the switch located on the back, select either MP3 or WAV format. The format will show in the upper right or left corner of the screen.

Select bit rate

Use the arrows located on either side of the play button (aka forward and rewind button). The higher the bit rate, the higher the sound quality.


Note: higher bit rate equals bigger file, also equals less recording time.


Press the red button located on the front of the device below the screen. A time will appear on the screen to indicate how long the recording is.

Use the same red button to stop recording.

Note: Switching on the HOLD button will ensure that no buttons are accidentally pressed during the recording.


Make sure the device is not currently recording any audio.

Press the play button located on the side of the device. Use the arrows to select the appropriate sound file.

Adjusting Playback Volume

To increase of decrease volume, use the +/- VOLUME buttons located on the side of the device.


Lo-Cut filter can be turned ON or OFF. 

When ON, the sound of wind and other noises can be reduced during recording

Transfer the recorded file

One way to transfer your recorded file is to insert the microSD card to your computer (a microSD to SD adapter may be needed depending on your computer).


Another way is to use the included Mini USB to USB cable.

Deleting files

Press down the button with the garbage can icon located next to the power switch.

Press the record button to confirm

Additional Accessories

Mini Tripod

Screw the tripod into the backside of the recorder.

Microphone Cover

If desired, cover the microphone with the black foam cover. This will reduce the harshness of "p" and "b" sounds and heavy breathing (however may reduce overall sound quality).