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Adding a Printer with Printer Installer


Printer Installer is a new service that makes adding, configuring, and maintaining printers on campus easier. Printer Installer has a self-service website that allows for easy installation of campus printers on Berkeley Desktop computers: This article explains how to add a printer to a computer that has Printer Installer.

If you are interested in using Printer Installer and are not sure whether or not your computer has the service, please contact IT support:


Adding a Printer


1. Navigate to


2. Click on a building



3. If applicable, click on a floor



4. Find the printer you would like to add, either on the map or list, and click "Install Printer"



5. When prompted to confirm installation, Click "Yes"



6. Printer Installer will then add the printer driver and queue to your computer



7. When the process is complete, you will see a message saying that the printer has been installed successfully




Enabling the Printer Installer Plugin

For some browsers like Firefox, you may need to enable the Printer Installer Plugin to view and install printers:

1. Click on Allow... in the top-right of the browser


2. Click Allow and Remember





Why can’t I add a printer from

If you don’t see the names of the printers at or are unable to add a printer, you may not have Printer Installer added to your computer. Please contact IT support for assistance:


Can I change my printer’s default settings after I have added a printer?

You can customize the printer settings on your machine after a printer has been added. However, if printer drivers need to be changed or updated, these changes will likely cause your custom settings to be lost, as the settings may not migrate to a new driver. If you choose to make any customizations to printer preferences, we recommend that you take note of what changes you make in case you find that you must reapply these to a new driver.


Other questions about Printer Installer?

For any other questions about Printer Installer, please contact IT support for assistance: