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Portable Equipment Setup - Single Region Blu-Ray Player


*This instruction is intended for use in ETS supported General Assignment Classroom with standard Black Box installed. 

 To connect a Blu-Ray player to a General Assignment (GA) Classroom existing equipment, following the instructions below.


  • Blu-Ray DVD Player
  • Remote Control
  • HDMI - VGA+audio adapter
(If you are using a room equipped with HDMI cable, please skip to next step)

  • Plug the Blu-Ray DVD Player power cord into the nearest power outlet.
  • Connect the adapter to the VGA+audio cable linked to the Black Box

Please note: Connecting the VGA cable into the adapter is a bit tough, it definitely fits, just takes a bit of muscle work.  Make sure the shape of the connector angle matches 


  • Connect the HDMI side of the adapter (or HDMI cable provided in HD classrooms) to the HDMI OUT socket, located on the back of the Blu-Ray DVD player
  • Turn the player on by using the remote or the physical button on the player
  • If you are using an ETS supported classroom space, press Laptop on the Touch Panel. 
  • If you are connecting equipment to other equipment or to an LCD monitor, please follow the in room instruction on how to use the system.