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Policy on specialized software request



Instructors may provide specialized or other software three weeks in advance of the reservation date. All instructional software must work within the confines of the current facility software and hardware environment and does not receive technical support from facility staff.

  1. All software must be legally licensed for each simultaneous user. Almost all software includes a clause stating that software is for use on one computer or at one site only. In these cases, software that is given to be placed on the server cannot be used outside the facilities during the duration of the class.
  2. Software media must be provided on original disk or CDrom when possible. If the original media is not available (e.g., software is only available online) you must provide a copy on suitable media. All necessary or wanted patches and updates must be included on the media. Valid and up-to-date installation instructions must also be included (either on paper or on media).
  3. The software must be compatible with all aspects of the computer facility technical environment. This includes scheduled client maintenance, system resources and files. Software must not conflict with the operating system or alter system files under any circumstance.
  4. Software must be current and up-to-date. Legacy software will be supported at the discretion of facilities staff. Beta software generally will not be supported nor installed onto file servers; final decisions are at the discretion of facilities staff.
  5. Instructors must test the software as outlined in the timelines below and advise Computer Facilities staff of any special installation issues.

Computer Facilities is not responsible for any loss of data, time, or resources caused directly or indirectly by use of such software. Existing instructional software may become de-supported if it becomes incompatible, as hardware or system upgrades occur. Instructors will be notified in these instances.